Enter for a chance to win Logitech Litra lights for your home office

litra glow and beam lightslitra glow and beam lightsLogitech has long been a reliable provider of computer accessories. Look around your workspace and you’re likely to find a product from Logitech on your desk—be it a keyboard, mouse, headset, or webcam. Since many of us have moved to working from home and spend quite a bit of time on video calls, Logitech now also offers really cool streaming lights in the Litra Glow and the Litra Beam. Read on to learn more about these lights and how to enter for a chance to win one!

Litra beam lifestyleLitra beam lifestyleWhen you think about your work desk set up, do you wish you could make it a happier space that is more conducive to being productive? Well, good lighting that is just right can make you more productive and you don’t need to be a streamer or content creator to have great lighting. The Litra Glow is a small, square clip-on light that you can easily affix to the top of your laptop by the webcam. The Litra Beam is an elongated key light that provides a wider range of illumination. Both lights are adjustable in their hue, intensity, and colour correction to help you look your best while attending important meetings or recording video. Learn more about the features of these lights in Shelly’s review on the blog.

Logitech also offers brightly coloured POP keyboard and mouse sets that can liven up any workspace, as well as RGB backlit keyboards that can be customized to light up in a way that matches your home office or desk decor. The right accessory can make your workspace vibes right!

Logitech accessoriesLogitech accessoriesYou may try, but there is very little you can say against gifting tech for the holidays. Tech is always a great present for anyone in your life—and not because it’s fancy and expensive with lots of buttons to push—but because it’s useful. I have a thing about making sure that almost any gift I give someone is useful to them in some way. I hate the thought of giving someone something that will just lie around their house and not really be appreciated. With tech though, a thoughtful choice is always appreciated for its utility in everyday life. And computer accessories, well, they’re designed to be useful, so you really can’t go wrong with them.

Logitech has long reigned in this space with their computer-peripheral devices. If you’re wondering what to get your in-laws, a cousin, or even someone you don’t know very well, Logitech’s range of accessories can come to your rescue. From ergonomic keyboards and mice that make long hours at a computer more comfortable to an HD webcam that records and streams in crystal clear definition, there are plenty of options available to gift. And hey, there are also the cool Litra lights that we’re giving away for the aspiring content creator in your life. So pick an accessory and rest easy, knowing your gift will be useful and appreciated!

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two different ways:

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select two (2) winners from all eligible entries. One will receive the Logitech Litra Glow and one will receive the Logitech Litra Beam.

This contest runs from November 25th to December 9th.

Remember, you can enter in two different ways. Make sure to also share this contest with anyone who might find the prizes useful to make their holiday season brighter.

Logitech Litra Light Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck!

I am happy to announce the winner(s) of the Logitech Litra lights:

Lesley M – Vancouver, BC
Wayne P – Edmonton, AB

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